What is the contain in a bottle of LIVITA ?


1 ) Taurine 1000mg
2 ) Inositol 50mg
3 ) Nicotinamide 20mg
4 ) Vitamin B1 2.2mg
5 ) Vitamin B2 3.2mg
6 ) Vitamin B6 4mg


Taurine (1000mg) , Inositol (50mg), Niacin (20mg), Vitamin B1 (2.2mg), Vitamin B2 (3.2mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg)

What is Niacin?
Niacin improves blood circulation, reduces cholesterol level, maintains the nervous system, and helps metabolising protein, sugar & fat. Niacin controls high blood pressure, increases energy level through proper utilization of food ingredients, and helps to maintain normal functioning of the skin, nerves and digestive system.
What is Vitamin B1?
Vitamin B1 plays an essential role in the body's metabolic cycle for generating energy. Additionally it helps to digest carbohydrates, to maintain normal functioning of the nervous system, muscles & heart. It also helps to promote growth and good muscle tone, necessary for being healthy and strong.

What is Vitamin B2?
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is essential for converting Carbohydrate into energy and for granulising protein and fat components of food. It helps the skin to breathe normally and to maintain healthy growth of tissues.

It helps releasing energy from Carbohydrates, interacting with other B Vitamins. It is essential for growth and production of red blood corpuscles and prevents eyes from being extra sensitive to light.


What is Vitamin B6?
Vitamin B6 is most important for a proper immune system, by synthesizing antibodies and formation of red blood cells and antibodies. B6 is vital in generating proteins, healthy nervous system.

It is essential for producing seratonin, a brain neurotransmitter that controls mood, appetite, sleep patterns and sensitivity to pain.


What is Taurine?
Taurine is an amino acid, extracted from animal food, has been earning more and more respect from the scientists.

Taurine is widely used in Japan and other countries for treatment of various heart disorders. It's an important regulator of nerve-muscle interaction. Our body produces this vital amino acid in small quantities but injury and stress quickly deplete the same, arising the need of external resources for Taurine.

Taurine is treated worldwide as a miracle tonic for its guard against serious ailments like heart failure, diabetes and seizure disorders.

If your body weighs 60 Kgs, it will contain 60 gms of Taurine, which is equivalent to 60 bottles of Livita.

Taurine is good for what ?

1 ) Good for Heart
2 ) Good for the Liver
3 ) Reduce Cholesterol
4 ) Reduce High Blood Pressure
5 ) etc...