Livita Tongkat Ali

What is Livita Akar Asli ?
Livita Akar Asli, from Taisho, is processed under high quality control, and is specially formulated from traditional herbs, vitamins and essential nutrients, including premium male Tongkat Ali roots.

It's no wonder Livita Akar Asli won't only refresh you, but a daily drink will improve your well being over time.

What is Tongkat Ali ?
Scientists have explored the potential of Tongkat Ali, the traditional herb, and proved its vitality in improving physical and mental abilities, enhancing energy and stamina levels. It also strengthens and heals dry skin, assists immunization system.

Where can I buy Livita Akar Asli ?
Livita Akar Asli is currently available from major supermarkets, convenience stores, coffee shop. we are working harder all the time to get our product in all stores so please check for regular updated.